Learn about graphology

What is graphology?

“Eyes are the mirror of the soul.”…

This old saying refers to handwriting too. It is a kind of body language, like facial expressions and gestures, which gives an insight into a writer’s character. Similar to fingerprints, it is strictly individual, i.e. there are no two persons in the world who write identically.

The science that deals with the analysis and interpretation of handwriting is called graphology or handwriting psychology. It belongs to the methods of psychodiagnostics and is a well-tried technique to decode someone’s personality.


The graphological report includes a detailed and elaborate evaluation of a writer’s nature. Besides an overview of the whole personality (e.g. self-confidence, vitality, dynamism, adaptability, etc.) it allows reliable statements on:

  • workplace performance (e.g. motivation, stamina, persistence, ambition, work tempo, etc.)
  • intelligence (e.g. kind of thinking skills, faculty of judgment, decision-making skills, creativity, organizational skills, etc.)
  • social skills (e.g. leadership skills, ability to cooperate and to express oneself, empathy, etc.)
  • reliability and trustworthiness
  • strengths and weaknesses.